21 Guns-A Memorial Day Salute (Project 2 Remix)

We thank our friends, our family, our brothers and sisters, our warriors, our soldiers. You have sacrificed so that we may be free. We will not forget you.


I don’t know if this will connect correctly, but here’s a shot. This is a song I did using a website called Beat Labs. It’s NOT rocky. It is a patriotic tune. The percussion was all done by someone else, I just added Taps, mixed some sound effects, and added a Ronald Reagan quote. Check it out, and please LIKE IT! =-]


(Part 5) ‘Gays’ & Occupy storm Boston Tea Party – YouTube

It’s amazing. If conservatives had gathered at a gay rally, or an Obama Rally, and put up a fuss like this, they would have been called hateful, evil, bigots, and all manner of obscenity. And they most likely would have been arrested. But at a tea party rally where Scott Lively preached, nothing was done. You don’t see it in the news, and you certainly don’t see the police stopping the disruption. Sad… (Part 5) ‘Gays’ & Occupy storm Boston Tea Party – YouTube.

Christian Nation II

A Christian Nation I

Best Job | P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film – YouTube

Best Job | P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film – YouTube.

To Hilary Rosen who said “A Stay at home mom of 5 never worked a day in her life”. SHAME ON YOU!  If you think a stay at home mother of any number of kids doesn’t work. If you’ve never been witnessed to the blood sweat and tears that goes in to being a stay at home mom. If you’ve never witnessed the love poured into children when often the children could care less! If you haven’t witnessed love on top of love on top of love on top of heart break, loving even when a child might not be lovely. If you haven’t witnessed this blessed, powerful, gentle, loving, dynamic, unsung, joyous, victorious even in defeat STAY AT HOME MOM–

Then, you dear dear fool… YOU SHOULD JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! MY MOM WORKED HARDER THAN ANY WOMAN I KNOW! AND NO ONE DESERVED IT LESS THAN ME! I PRAISE GOD FOR THIS HERO IN MY LIFE! Dear mom, I love you. I love you Momma! Thank you for loving me no matter what! I love you!

Nadarkhani still alive (OneNewsNow.com)

Praise God. We can only pray that some sympathetic nation saves he and his family from the Islamic Terror that is Sharia. We are praying for you, Pastor Nadarkhani!

Nadarkhani still alive (OneNewsNow.com).

Obama Laughs While the Nation Cries (OneNewsNow.com)

President Obama lines up some quick laughs while the long term tragedy that he has made of our nation continues. May God help us!


Obama’s hilarious week (OneNewsNow.com).