If the Foundations Be Destroyed: The Making of an Agnostic

This is what happens when the foundations are destroyed. This is what happens when the Seminaries and quote unquote Fundamental Christian colleges attack the inerrancy of scripture, and make it so that “Only the elite” can understand the Bible.
This is where all the “Only the Originals Are Inspired” thinking leads to. Doubt, confusion, loss of faith, dependence¬†upon the “wisdom” of man, etc. etc., and ultimately, to agnosticism, even atheism…
Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. If you’re going to preach the Word of God, you’d better believe you are holding it in your hands, perfect, entire, inerrant, and full of the power of God. Most major “Christian” colleges these days teach that you can’t do that. Because “only the originals are inspired”.


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