NBC Lacks Patriotism, Rejects American History

NBC decides to remove “Under God” from the pledge of allegiance at a recorded sporting event–not once, but twice. The later apology was somewhat unconvincing, as NBC would not even admit what part of the pledge they omitted.
In case you would like to contact them, I have here two e-mails, as well as a pre-written letter you may use if you would like.



Dear Sirs,

 I am very displeased with NBC today, because of their rejection of America’s spiritual heritage and marked lack of patriotism. It has come to my attention that during the coverage of the U.S. Open golf championship, NBC removed “Under God” from the pledge of alegiance–not once, but twice.

 Later, during a somewhat less that satisfactory apology, NBC refused to admit which part of the pledge they had removed.

 As a party with a vested interest (An American Citizen, occasional viewer, and person of some patriotism), I demand an explanation of these heinous acts taken by NBC. I await that explanation.




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