Warning Labels for Abortions.

Warning labels similar to these or pictures of infected, diseased lungs may be required by the government on all cigarette packages. Note that I am not a proponent of smoking–but if the government would require such warning labels, does it not follow that the government should also require such warning labels (including pictures) on Abortions? Smoking can result in heart problems and cancer among other things. Abortions can (and often do) result in depression, mental instability, suicide, disease, infections, etc., even death (for the child it always results in death). When there are such risks at stake–equal, or greater, to the risks of smoking–is it not logical to ask for the same types of warning labels shown to ever single woman thinking about an abortion? Perhaps a picture or video testimony of a woman torn apart by guilt for her abortion? Or pictures of the burned, dismembered, decidedly HUMAN bodies of what abortionists told them was only a blob of tissue?



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