Sin Cancer

A doctor walked into a hospital room with bad news one day. He wasn’t sure how to break it to the dying man, but he decided to just come out and say it…

“Sir… You’re dying.”

The man looked up, a strangely offended look on his face.

“How can you say that? That’s not very encouraging. I can’t believe you would say that!”

The doctor was stunned. “It’s the truth, sir. You have inoperable cancer.”

The man glared at the doctor and crossed his arms over his chest. “Oh, and I suppose you have the corner on truth, hm? You think you’re so much better than me?”

The doctor figured that the man must be experiencing some kind of denial, so he decided a different approach might be called for.

“Uh… If we start chemo therapy now, and change your diet, we can save you.”

“I’m happy with my life the way it is now. I don’t want to change. And who said I needed saving anyway?”

“Sir,” the doctor said, beginning to become exasperated. “You’re dying of cancer. If you agree to these treatments we can save you!”

The man was becoming extremely indignant and agitated now.

“You’re such a legalist! I can’t believe you people! I have to do those things, I have to live like this, I have to do it how you say. I have freedom you know! I have liberty! I can do what I like. You can’t judge me!

The doctor was nearly in tears now, trying to get the man to understand his desperate situation.

“Sir you have cancer. You. Are. Going. To. Die. There is one hope for you, and that is submitting yourself to the treatment.”

The man tore out his I.V. and began making his way to the door.
“You narrow-minded bigot. Who says yours is the only way? I can make it on my own. I’m a naturally healthy person. I’ve never been sick a day in my life. I’ll be just fine. Now just take your self-righteous, sanctimonious, hateful talk and leave me alone. I don’t need it!________________________________________________

         No allegory is perfect. But take this story and when it says cancer, replace it with sin, or sin nature. Near the end, when the patient says he is a naturally healthy person, replace it with “good person”. When it says he’s never been sick, replace it with “I’ve never killed anyone, or committed adultery.”.

And it’s not just the unsaved. Many Christians react this way as well. When you talk about living a separated, Godly life, all the modern ‘Christian’ can talk about is liberty and how “legalistic” you are. When you show them what the Bible says, all they can say is “Judge not, Judge not”.
A sad world we live in when the modern Christian has less accountability or responsibility for his actions than the unsaved sinner.

Our world is dying. It’s dying of the cancerous blight of unrepentant sin.
And until the majority of Christians lay aside their liberty, and take up the cross of Christ, our world will continue to die at an elevated rate.

When those that have been healed fail to follow the doctor’s prescription, what need will the sick see for the cure?

(Special thanks to for the original Caduceus pic, which I shrunk and added the cross to.)


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