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(Part 5) ‘Gays’ & Occupy storm Boston Tea Party – YouTube

It’s amazing. If conservatives had gathered at a gay rally, or an Obama Rally, and put up a fuss like this, they would have been called hateful, evil, bigots, and all manner of obscenity. And they most likely would have been arrested. But at a tea party rally where Scott Lively preached, nothing was done. You don’t see it in the news, and you certainly don’t see the police stopping the disruption. Sad… (Part 5) ‘Gays’ & Occupy storm Boston Tea Party – YouTube.


New ‘gay’ case puts speech in category with torture

International law threatens freedom of speech. We have the right to say that homosexuality is wrong. And yet the world around us uses lies and twists the law to try to take away our rights and freedoms. Be aware. Don’t give up!


New ‘gay’ case puts speech in category with torture.

One Preacher Takes On 3000 homosexuals at Melbourne pride march – YouTube

This preacher, in love, goes to these homosexuals and preaches the Word of God’s love and desire for them to be saved from their sin. They say we are hateful, but just for preaching the Bible this man has people screaming obscenities in his face, cursing him, verbally abusing him, and intimidating him. Where is the freedom? Where is the loving tolerance of another’s viewpoint? Where is the universal peace and brotherhood? It would seem that you’re only worthy of that if you agree 100 % with their views…
WARNING! Extreme language used by the Homosexual people against the street preacher.

One Preacher Takes On 3000 homosexuals at Melbourne pride march – YouTube.

Marriage defenders optimistic in Wash. (

Support True Marriage!

Pray that they don’t pull a California and overturn the will of the people. The courts need to remember this is a democracy. The people won’t put up with having their will cast aside like so much useless garbage.They need to remember what happened when England ignored the will of the colonies not long ago.


Marriage defenders optimistic in Wash. (

The ACLU: Destroying Our Children

The ACLU is at it again. Now they are trying to remove the sexuality filters from public school computers, so children can access LGBT websites (Porn, sexually deviant material, and all manner of obscenity).
The ACLU wants children to be just as morally bankrupt and mentally confused as the adults are. Can’t our children even be innocent?

2% Runs America

As few as 2 percent of the population identifies themselves as “gay”. So why is it that this 2 percent is dictating how the rest of the population lives? How is it that June, a month known for weddings has now become known as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trangendered month? Why is it that our children are learning, in gross detail, about how homosexual sex works? Why is it that at work we are bombarded with ‘sensitivity’ training? Is there something wrong with this picture?

Biblical Marriage Still In Favor

So the Liberal Media will tell you that the polls show growing support for Homosexual marriage… When in fact, the reality is quite the opposite. Keep up the good fight! Don’t give in!

Marriage reality shatters illusion (

via Marriage reality shatters illusion (