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Best Job | P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film – YouTube

Best Job | P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film – YouTube.

To Hilary Rosen who said “A Stay at home mom of 5 never worked a day in her life”. SHAME ON YOU!  If you think a stay at home mother of any number of kids doesn’t work. If you’ve never been witnessed to the blood sweat and tears that goes in to being a stay at home mom. If you’ve never witnessed the love poured into children when often the children could care less! If you haven’t witnessed love on top of love on top of love on top of heart break, loving even when a child might not be lovely. If you haven’t witnessed this blessed, powerful, gentle, loving, dynamic, unsung, joyous, victorious even in defeat STAY AT HOME MOM–

Then, you dear dear fool… YOU SHOULD JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! MY MOM WORKED HARDER THAN ANY WOMAN I KNOW! AND NO ONE DESERVED IT LESS THAN ME! I PRAISE GOD FOR THIS HERO IN MY LIFE! Dear mom, I love you. I love you Momma! Thank you for loving me no matter what! I love you!


The Left’s Appalling Silence on Global Savagery Against Women | FrontPage Magazine

The liberals and others who reject Christianity are constantly calling it to responsibility for crimes against women. We say that women can’t preach or exercise authority over a man. We say that (Biblically) it is the man’s place to be the Godly leader and run the home.
And for this we are called sexist, hateful, ignorant, narrow-minded, chauvinistic, violent, and bigoted.
But, when Islam in many countries subjects its women to honor killings hundreds of times, the liberals are strangely silent. When women’s are beaten, mutilated, and killed, Jane Fonda becomes mute. When the majority of Islam in other countries keeps its women as mostly chattel and slaves, WHO turns away to twiddle their thumbs.

Yes, ladies and gentleman. There is a double standard. When the liberal Godless men and women of our nation see a Biblical Christian enacting his faith, they rage in self-“righteous” protest. When Islam commits great crimes against the entire female race, the silence is deafening…

The Left’s Appalling Silence on Global Savagery Against Women | FrontPage Magazine.

Judge deals a pro-LGBT ruling (

Your kid?

 ACLU trying to force a school to allow it’s children to view pornographic homosexual websites. Seriously? Are we allowing our children to go through this kind of brain washing and destructive viewing? It’s time to say Enough!

Judge deals a pro-LGBT ruling (

Planned Parenthood closings motivating president (


  Good for Texas! Refusing to fund Planned Parenthood because it funds abortion! Stay by your guns! Obama is doing all he can with mafia-like strong arm tactics to get them to give up their moral stand. STAY STRONG!

Planned Parenthood closings motivating president (

The ACLU: Destroying Our Children

The ACLU is at it again. Now they are trying to remove the sexuality filters from public school computers, so children can access LGBT websites (Porn, sexually deviant material, and all manner of obscenity).
The ACLU wants children to be just as morally bankrupt and mentally confused as the adults are. Can’t our children even be innocent?

I Miss You Daddy

Many children were orphaned or lost one of their parents that day. Will you forget? Will you–because it’s controversial or uncomfortable– cast aside their memories? Will you tell those children, “Your parents deaths don’t matter.”?
I Will Never Forget.

I Can Hear You

“I can hear you. I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you, and the people who knocked down these buildings will hear all of us soon.”

I remember this. Too many would like to forget it. Forget who it was that knocked down these buildings. Forget that we swore to find them. And forget that we promised to never let it happen again.

I Will Not Forget.