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The Left’s Appalling Silence on Global Savagery Against Women | FrontPage Magazine

The liberals and others who reject Christianity are constantly calling it to responsibility for crimes against women. We say that women can’t preach or exercise authority over a man. We say that (Biblically) it is the man’s place to be the Godly leader and run the home.
And for this we are called sexist, hateful, ignorant, narrow-minded, chauvinistic, violent, and bigoted.
But, when Islam in many countries subjects its women to honor killings hundreds of times, the liberals are strangely silent. When women’s are beaten, mutilated, and killed, Jane Fonda becomes mute. When the majority of Islam in other countries keeps its women as mostly chattel and slaves, WHO turns away to twiddle their thumbs.

Yes, ladies and gentleman. There is a double standard. When the liberal Godless men and women of our nation see a Biblical Christian enacting his faith, they rage in self-“righteous” protest. When Islam commits great crimes against the entire female race, the silence is deafening…

The Left’s Appalling Silence on Global Savagery Against Women | FrontPage Magazine.


One Preacher Takes On 3000 homosexuals at Melbourne pride march – YouTube

This preacher, in love, goes to these homosexuals and preaches the Word of God’s love and desire for them to be saved from their sin. They say we are hateful, but just for preaching the Bible this man has people screaming obscenities in his face, cursing him, verbally abusing him, and intimidating him. Where is the freedom? Where is the loving tolerance of another’s viewpoint? Where is the universal peace and brotherhood? It would seem that you’re only worthy of that if you agree 100 % with their views…
WARNING! Extreme language used by the Homosexual people against the street preacher.

One Preacher Takes On 3000 homosexuals at Melbourne pride march – YouTube.

Marriage defenders optimistic in Wash. (

Support True Marriage!

Pray that they don’t pull a California and overturn the will of the people. The courts need to remember this is a democracy. The people won’t put up with having their will cast aside like so much useless garbage.They need to remember what happened when England ignored the will of the colonies not long ago.


Marriage defenders optimistic in Wash. (

“Dear” Obama, Give Up Already

It finally comes to light for those with eyes (what we saw ourselves before he was even elected)–That Obama is not fit to run a pre-school class fundraiser, let alone a nation. The Congress and all other branches of government need to just act as if he isn’t even there for the next year until he can be removed from office. Because whatever he says will be a feeble and desperate attempt to reclaim the messianic reputation he once gloried in.
Like a malformed, modern-day Midas, everything he touches turns to rust and corruption.

U.N. Gun Control? When You Can Pry it From My Cold Dead Fingers…

America really needs to get out of the U.N.
Now they are trying to control our guns. Does anyone else see a problem with this? Does anyone else see the opportunity for an oppressive government that has power over every citizen? Would that power not start it’s takeover by taking away the greatest ability of the average person to fight back?

Atheists vs. God: 9/11 Cross Has Got To Go

A time in America’s history where we rememberd God. The destruction and fear turned our eyes toward our Creator in a way that we hadn’t seen in a long time. And now, as the wake of that destruction seems to fade, American Atheists are already demanding that we put God back out of our minds. The 9/11 Cross is a stark reminder that they are not in control of their own fates, and they can’t have that.
God forgive us for allowing our country to fall so far from Him…

Dishonest Honest History

So History should be honest? Since when? They still teach evolution in schools, and I don’t see the governor pushing to teach Baptist history in California schools.
The world is going crazy… God help us…