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10 reasons to walk out on ‘Day of Silence’

April 20th. Day of Silence. If your children or you go to a school that is observing this, then you need to walk out. Christians cannot support this blatant rejection of God’s Word. Don’t stand in the way of sinners, don’t sit in the seat of the scornful.

10 reasons to walk out on ‘Day of Silence’.


Judge deals a pro-LGBT ruling (

Your kid?

 ACLU trying to force a school to allow it’s children to view pornographic homosexual websites. Seriously? Are we allowing our children to go through this kind of brain washing and destructive viewing? It’s time to say Enough!

Judge deals a pro-LGBT ruling (

The ACLU: Destroying Our Children

The ACLU is at it again. Now they are trying to remove the sexuality filters from public school computers, so children can access LGBT websites (Porn, sexually deviant material, and all manner of obscenity).
The ACLU wants children to be just as morally bankrupt and mentally confused as the adults are. Can’t our children even be innocent?

9/11 Ignored in Many Schools

Nearing the anniversary of 9/11 and many schools act as if it didn’t happen.  While Harvey Milk Day, and other liberal agenda days are celebrated, the schools are strangely silent on this particular day…

Dishonest Honest History

So History should be honest? Since when? They still teach evolution in schools, and I don’t see the governor pushing to teach Baptist history in California schools.
The world is going crazy… God help us…

Public School Rife With Fraud

It is time for Public schools to have some real competition. It’s time for public schools to realize that they aren’t the only game in town.

2% Runs America

As few as 2 percent of the population identifies themselves as “gay”. So why is it that this 2 percent is dictating how the rest of the population lives? How is it that June, a month known for weddings has now become known as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trangendered month? Why is it that our children are learning, in gross detail, about how homosexual sex works? Why is it that at work we are bombarded with ‘sensitivity’ training? Is there something wrong with this picture?