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Christian Nation II


A Christian Nation I

Atheists vs. God: 9/11 Cross Has Got To Go

A time in America’s history where we rememberd God. The destruction and fear turned our eyes toward our Creator in a way that we hadn’t seen in a long time. And now, as the wake of that destruction seems to fade, American Atheists are already demanding that we put God back out of our minds. The 9/11 Cross is a stark reminder that they are not in control of their own fates, and they can’t have that.
God forgive us for allowing our country to fall so far from Him…

Equal Treatment For All-(Except Fundamental Christians)

Hindu writing was allowed, even Bible verses in spanish. But the moment someone tried to get Bible verses on the bricks they bought for the fundraiser, the school shut the whole thing down…

\’Bible bricks\’ squelched

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Refusal on mosque info speaks volumes (

Mayor innapropriately involved in Mosque Building against the wishes of the American people? If so, he’s not telling.

Refusal on mosque info speaks volumes (

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Confusion Growing over Tolerance of Homosexuals

So, when the time comes that you will be persecuted if you uphold Biblical teachings about Homosexuality (sodomy), what will you do? Will you stand firm, even though it may mean losing your job, or being looked down on? Or will you bend your beliefs a bit, to make things more comfortable for you? Better make the decision now, because the day is coming, and faster than we’d like to believe. Unless we stop sitting on our convictions and get up and start fighting for what is right.

Confusion Growing over Tolerance of Homosexuals.

Homicidal Political Correctness

And again, Islam makes a full frontal assault of our country. And our government, in the spirit of blatant, homicidal political correctness, is throwing itself at the feet of Islam. Heaven forbid, in the spirit of common sense and self preservation they should practice some actual wisdom.

When the bombs start going off in the wal-marts and Churches, they will not be so proud of their tolerance.

Baptists, Muslims to be neighbors (

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