Hand of Hope: The Truth of Homosexuality

All of the information on this page has been kindly allowed for use by Not Born This Way, a page of SaveCalifornia.com.  I thank them for it’s use.

Not born this way: The facts, plus help available

Without any reputable evidence, the entertainment culture, uneducated media, and sexual activists have seduced today’s teenagers, in particular, to believe that people are born homosexual.

However, science has found no biological basis for homosexuality, bisexuality, or transsexuality.

Study after study has found the “LGBT” lifestyle to be unhealthy, with the highest rate of sexually-transmitted diseases, and higher cancer rates and earlier deaths.

While all people are worthy and valuable, the fact is people are not “born this way,” as a popular song insists.
On this page you will find:

1. The facts about homosexuality, including causes and health issues
2. Resources to overcome homosexual behavior and gender identity disorder
3. A loving video message from a man who has practiced homosexuality and has AIDS
4. Some personal stories from people who used to live a homosexual lifestyle
Homosexuality is not innate; no biological origin

Is there a “gay gene”?
National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH)

‘Gay’ gene claim suddenly vanishes
American Psychological Association revises statement on homosexuality
WorldNetDaily.com, May 12, 2009 — “A publication from the American Psychological Association includes an admission that there is no “gay” gene, according to a doctor who has written about the issue…”

“Homosexuality: What You Should Know”
Facts About Youth, American College of Pediatricians, 2010

“No statistically significant [‘gay’] gene has been found”
Dr. Neil Whitehead, November 2006 interview

Peter Tatchell, British homosexual activist
Turn Signal with Kim Trobee, Focus Action 2008
“It would also be equally foolish to close the door and say that it’s simply down to biological factors, there’s no other factors or influences that impact on a person’s sexual orientation.”

Only 1.7 percent of the 18-and-over population identify as “gay”
Associated Press, April 7, 2011

Homosexuality is not healthy

“Health Risks of the Homosexual Lifestyle”
Facts About Youth, American College of Pediatricians, 2011

“The Health Risks of Gay Sex”
Dr. John Diggs, Jr., MD, Corporate Research Council, 2002

Nearly 3/4 of HIV/AIDS infections transmitted by “male-to-male sexual contact”
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008

Link between Sexual Orientation and Cancer
Cancer Network, May 12, 2011
“Homosexual men were found to be 1.9 times more likely to self-report a cancer diagnosis than were heterosexual men….Although homosexual women did not have a higher incidence of cancer, these women did report lower overall health as cancer survivors compared to heterosexual women.”

Prostate Cancer Survival May Be Especially Tough on Gay Men
HealthDay News, May 16, 2011

The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality
A catalog of research data
Family Research Council

Homosexuals, Bisexuals More Unhealthy than Heterosexuals: Massachusetts Study
Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, December 3, 2008
Causes of homosexuality

Homosexuality is neither genetic nor a “choice”
Exodus Global Alliance article
No one can decide that they will experience opposite-sex or same-sex attractions. Instead, sexual orientation is shaped and reshaped by a series of many choices and response to circumstances in one’s life and enormous social and cultural pressures.

From Isolation to Relationship to Intimacy
Exodus Global Alliance article
Homosexuality grows out of our responses either to unmet needs early in life or to trauma of some sort — often abuse. Essentially, these responses are defensive. “You will not hurt me again.” or “I will meet my own needs.”

Child Molestation and Homosexuality
Family Research Institute article
Bisexuals or homosexuals claimed much more frequent sexual contact with caretakers, and homosexuality was disproportionately implicated in sexual events under caretakers’ charge.

Does Incest Cause Homosexuality?
Family Research Institute article
As opposed to an evolutionary genetic hypothesis, these data support the alternative that homosexuality may be learned.

Shame and Attachment Loss: The Practical Work of Reparative Therapy
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi book review
Dr. Nicolosi recounts how several of his clients lacked secure attachment with parental figures and experienced inadequate masculine identity as children. Consequently, shame set in, and dominated each child’s psyche during those vulnerable early years…To overcome shame and attachment loss, Dr. Nicolosi suggests that the therapist help the client identify emotional mind-body states, and explains how the client, if consciously aware of these states, can interrupt any of them. The opposite of the shame stat is “assertion”. When the client is in an assertive state, he can avoid the following sequence of events: 1) shame, which can lead to what Dr. Nicolosi calls (2) the “grey zone”, which in turn is often followed by (3) homosexual enactment.


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