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A Christian Nation I


9/11 Ignored in Many Schools

Nearing the anniversary of 9/11 and many schools act as if it didn’t happen.  While Harvey Milk Day, and other liberal agenda days are celebrated, the schools are strangely silent on this particular day…


Independence Day

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   The fireworks, that we might remember the rocket’s red glare that our flag endured!
   That we might remember the blood of our forefather’s who bodies held up the flag in stark defiance of tyranny and unjust persecution!
   That we might remember the tears of our mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers when they found out the sacrifices that their kin made that their children should be free!
   This weekend and this monday we celebrate independence. Not from a tyrannical overlord, not from a persecuting government, not from judges who think they are “god”. But this Independence Day we celebrate our Independence. . . Our Independence from fear. An Independence bought dearly with the blood, sweat, and tears of our past, and held by our resolve for the future. A resolve that a government, of the people, by the people, for the people and Under God shall not perish from the earth. This Independence Day, let us thank God for freedom, for without Him it is as meaningless as it is fleeting…

America in Danger…

The man who wrote the article this links to.

Our nation will not be destroyed, essentially, from without, but if it is to fall, it will fall from within…
People are so involved with America’s Got Talent, “Weiner’s” Scandal, and the “Gay” pride fight, that they cannot see the true dangers that are facing our nation. Our nation is in great peril, but the proud, self-satisfied, average American cannot see it… WAKE UP!


The Change Drug

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Obama Reveals More Campaign Lies

Another of Obama’s Lies revealed. Although this one has been revealed time and time again. During his campaign he said he was opposed to Gay Marriage. After he was elected, he implemented Gay Pride month, and now is battling against the Defense of Marriage Act.

Mr. Obama, you have shown that you do not care what the majority of people think. You have shown that you have no respect for Democracy, but rather would impose a tyrranical socialist state. Again and again you spat upon the people of this country and rammed legislation down their throats that they wanted no part of.

Mr. B. H. Obama, Now is the time for you to step down. Now is the time for you to leave office. If you do not, you will suffer a very embarassing defeat in upcoming elections. If the American People do not eject you from office first….

Obama Decision on Marriage Act Has 2012 Implications – NYTimes.com

via Obama Decision on Marriage Act Has 2012 Implications – NYTimes.com.

Obama Supports Infanticide…

Obama supports infanticide. Not just abortion as most view it, but outright, knowing, undeniable Infanticide!

God help you, Mr. President… God Help You!

YouTube – Obama & Live Birth Abortion / Induced Labor Abortions / Infanticide Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video

via YouTube – Obama & Live Birth Abortion / Induced Labor Abortions / Infanticide Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video.