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New ‘gay’ case puts speech in category with torture

International law threatens freedom of speech. We have the right to say that homosexuality is wrong. And yet the world around us uses lies and twists the law to try to take away our rights and freedoms. Be aware. Don’t give up!


New ‘gay’ case puts speech in category with torture.


Judge deals a pro-LGBT ruling (OneNewsNow.com)

Your kid?

 ACLU trying to force a school to allow it’s children to view pornographic homosexual websites. Seriously? Are we allowing our children to go through this kind of brain washing and destructive viewing? It’s time to say Enough!

Judge deals a pro-LGBT ruling (OneNewsNow.com).

2% Runs America

As few as 2 percent of the population identifies themselves as “gay”. So why is it that this 2 percent is dictating how the rest of the population lives? How is it that June, a month known for weddings has now become known as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trangendered month? Why is it that our children are learning, in gross detail, about how homosexual sex works? Why is it that at work we are bombarded with ‘sensitivity’ training? Is there something wrong with this picture?


Biblical Marriage Still In Favor

So the Liberal Media will tell you that the polls show growing support for Homosexual marriage… When in fact, the reality is quite the opposite. Keep up the good fight! Don’t give in!

Marriage reality shatters illusion (OneNewsNow.com)

via Marriage reality shatters illusion (OneNewsNow.com).

U.N. Upholding “Gay” Rights

A sanitized picture of a "Gay" pride parade.

Another reason to get out of the U.N.


Public School: “Your Children, Now Belong To Us.”

Parents decisions and rights don’t matter. Basically, Public School teachers can indoctrinate children in any way they see fit. Parents no longer have authority over their own children… Now the “state” does… Sound like a communist nation anyone?


Old Navy Comes Out of the Closet

Old Navy decides to sell Gay Pride T-shirts… I know where I won’t be shopping. (Not that I could afford their prices anyway…)

Old Navy going \’gay\’ (OneNewsNow.com)

via Old Navy going \’gay\’ (OneNewsNow.com).