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Nadarkhani still alive (OneNewsNow.com)

Praise God. We can only pray that some sympathetic nation saves he and his family from the Islamic Terror that is Sharia. We are praying for you, Pastor Nadarkhani!

Nadarkhani still alive (OneNewsNow.com).


Islamic Group’s Tax Exemption Revoked

Islamic group CAIR has had it’s tax exempt status revoked.
The next step? We can only hope, an all out investigation.


Al Jazeera English Wins Prestigious Journalism Award?

So a network that is blatantly Anti-American, Anti-Israel wins  the Columbia Journalism Award for “singular journalism in the public interest.”
Not the American or Israeli public, that’s for certain…


Bin Laden\’s success beyond the grave (OneNewsNow.com)

Within Christianity, it is the fiber of it that is given over to truth, Christ-like Love, and righteousness. The purest examples of the faith are those that love, speak the truth, and stand up for what is right even if it costs them their lives. It is only the few nutcases and hypocrites that commit heinous acts (boycotting funerals, shooting abortionists, etc.). Only the fringe that are not in fact showing Christ, but rather denying him in their actions and using His name as a cloak for their maliciousness.

Within Islam, on the other hand, it is the fringe and the liberals which are peaceful, those who are not practicing their faith the way it was meant to be practiced. It is the fringe that are peaceful. While the core of the religion, the fiber of the cult is violence, hate, and murder.

When will America wake up?

Bin Laden\’s success beyond the grave (OneNewsNow.com)

via Bin Laden\’s success beyond the grave (OneNewsNow.com).

YouTube – The shocking video Muslims don\’t want you to see!!

YouTube – The shocking video Muslims don\’t want you to see!!

via YouTube – The shocking video Muslims don\’t want you to see!!.

Islam… A peaceful religion… Then why is it, the majority of muslims outside the U.S. act in this manner?

\’Sharia-compliant\’ radio? (OneNewsNow.com)

Radical Islam is already making Americans bend to their will.

The question is, will America continue to allow Islam to dictate it’s actions, or will we stand up? Will we finally say “Enough. This is America, and we will no longer be intimidated into becoming a muslim state.”?

Time to start taking a stand. Before it’s too late….

\’Sharia-compliant\’ radio? #OneNewsNow.com#

via \’Sharia-compliant\’ radio? (OneNewsNow.com).

Muslim convicted in \’honor killing\’ (OneNewsNow.com)

In a News Station that was dedicated to combating the “Negative Stereotypes” of muslims, no less.
Islam is a peaceful religion… Unless you’re an infidel. Or unless you’re a wife who makes your husband mad. Or unless you don’t agree with them in general… So maybe, not so peaceful?

Muslim convicted in \’honor killing\’ (OneNewsNow.com)

via Muslim convicted in \’honor killing\’ (OneNewsNow.com).